Whether your pet needs a bath, a toenail clip or even a show-quality trim, our professionally trained and caring staff will be glad to take care of all their grooming needs.

Bath Time

Two shampoo rinses, a cream conditioner rinse, fluff drying, nail trim, ear cleansing, anal gland expression, brush out, and feet and feather neatening upon request.

Specialty Shampoos

Flea & tick, hypoallergenic, Medicated, Nova Pearls, Oatmeal, or Tea Tree.

Shedless Bath

Bathing and a brush out using the "Furminator" tool that helps remove undercoat to cut down on shedding by about 80%.

Hair Cuts

Pet bathing, clipping, and styling by our team of experienced pet stylists.

Additional Services

  • Nail trim
  • Pet-A-Cure (nail cutting & grinding)
  • Teeth Brushing
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