Pet Packages

At Countryside Kennels, we believe play time is a necessity to keep your pet happy and healthy! We offer a variety of a la carte activities and discount pet packages so you can customize your pet's stay with us.

Pampered Pooch

  • One 40 Minute Pool Time
  • One 40 Minute Playtime
  • Bizzy Bones
  • Moonlit Potty


  • One 40 Minute Playtime Session
  • One 40 Minute Petting Session
  • Moonlit Potty
  • Bizzy Bones

Play Time Package

  • One 40 Minute Playtime
  • Moonlit Potty
  • Bizzy Bones

Double Play

  • Double Playtime

Pool Time Package

  • Pool Time
  • Moonlit Potty
  • Bizzy Bone

Double Pool

  • Double Pool Time

Weekend BBQ Pool Parties

$25.00 for 1 Day | $35.00 for 2 Days
One of our most popular Spring & Summer activities is our Weekend BBQ Pool Parties! Sign your pooch up for some fun in the sun as they run for a tossed ball or toy, frolic in our doggie bone shaped pool and get a chunk of hamburger or hot dog-hot off the grill!

A la Carte Activities

Playtime (40 min. session) $15.00
Double Play Time $26.00
Pooltime (40 min. session) $20.00
Double Pool Time $35.00
Play/Pool Time $30.00
Moonlit Potty Break $12.00
Petting Session $15.00
Brushing Session $25.00
Pet-A-Cure (nail cutting & grinding) $25.00
Bizzy Bones (toy stuffed w/goodies) $6.00

A la Carte Menu

Special Feeding
(Turkey, Chicken or Hamburger w/ rice)
Special feeding
(Hamburger w/rice or Inushuk Marine 25 Dog Food)
$5.00 per feeding